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Weddings with Graze and Vine 

Work with us

Graze and Vine offer catering options for every part of your day. We can be with you start to finish providing a hassle free catering experience.

With every booking we use high-quality, British and locally sourced produce to craft beautiful spreads. We are more than happy to accommodate to dietary requirements such as vegetarianism, gluten intolerance and veganism. We can also provide a selection of drinks, such as wine, prosecco, beers or soft drinks.

Order of the day with Graze and Vine

From 8AM

From 12 Midday

From 3PM

From 6PM

We offer our brunch/breakfast for delivery on platter boards, ready to eat including a range of freshly-baked-that-morning pastries, a fresh fruit platter and individual pots such as yoghurt and granola / overnight oats / chai pudding. Add on your morning drinks or treats.

We offer easy to eat grazing options, such as individual cheese and charcuterie cups, bruschetta style individual cheese canapes or cheese & charcuterie platters for grazing before the wedding breakfast.

We offer cheese & charcuterie platters for sharing, including a range of British cheeses, meats, accompaniments and our own chutney range. They will also include freshly baked sourdough and optional, focaccia bread. Fresh foliage/flowers can be added for table decor. 

We offer grazing platters or tables, including a range of British cheeses, meats, accompaniments and our own chutney range. Freshly baked sourdough or focaccia included. 
Table decor such as crates/raised baskets/foliage/fresh flowers etc can be included to create a final show stopper.


Please get in touch for your unique quote.


A delivery fee is charged for every booking.


Starting the day:
Brunch / Breakfast packages are based on quantity of foods needed, starting from £80.00. 

Drinks & Canapes:
Grazing Cups / Canapes / Grazing platters are based on quantity of food needed, starting from £10.00 per person.

Wedding breakfast:
Cheese & Charcuterie platters are priced at £30.00 per person. 

Grazing platters or table are based on quantity of guests / food required, please enquire.

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