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Brunch Package

The 'go-to' brunch package for stress-free, beautiful platters that includes award winning pastries.

What's included:

Freshly baked pastries (whole or halved), a fresh fruit platter and individual yoghurt and granola pots topped with fresh fruits and nuts or overnight oats

Delivered ready to eat, on platter boards in boxes, for care. We charge a small fee for delivery.

Best enjoyed the day of delivery. 


Hosting a large brunch?

We provide beautifully created brunch spreads for corporate clients and large events, as well as intimate gatherings & weddings.

Our brunches cannot be replicated as we are proud to provide freshly baked pastries, sourdough and focaccia breads by  'retail bakery of the year', a small business home bakery local to us, and becoming a good friend of ours. We pride ourselves in using the best quality produce and providing pastries like no other company, is a top priority of ours.

Our beautiful, stress-free brunches can be provided ready to eat & set up quickly, anywhere in South Wales. Delivery fee's apply.


Add on beautiful florals, foliage or other personal touches suitable to your occasion or event, get in touch to create a brunch that stands out.

Work with us

We can create a brunch set up perfect for your event and unique to you.
Our brunch is provided on MDF platter boards or 
alternately set up in with our food display boards, baskets and bowls.

We offer:

- Freshly basked pastries
Croissants plain / Almond Croissants / Cruffins plain / Cruffins with cream filling choosing from vanilla, pistachio, biscoff or chocolate / Cinnamon Knots / Pain au choc / Small fruit danish 

- Freshly baked sourdough 
accompanied by British salted butter or individual strawberry jam / nutella pots.

- Freshly baked focaccia bread
Cherry tomato / Olive / Sea salt & Rosemary
 (Upgrade to add on oil dip or focaccia sandwiches)

- Bagel halves 
Bagels halved to provide half servings with a range of filling choices

- Greek yoghurt & granola pots
Fresh fruit & nuts (optional) 

- Overnight oats 
Sweet raspberry and honey / chocolate and cherry 

- Lemon loaf slices 

- Drinks
Soft drinks / Alcohol / Water 


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