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The Brunch

A new modern take on brunch that tastes as good as it looks.

Brunch meaning a combination of breakfast and lunch ~ Do we need to say more?


The Platters

A 'pick a mix' brunch in platter style.

Choose from a selection of platters to create a unique & delicious brunch. 

- A range of Fresh Pastries 

- Pancakes & Waffles 

- Fresh Fruit Platter 

- Yoghurt and Granola Pots

- Bagel Platter (3 fillings)

- Chunky Focaccia Sandwiches 

- Open Bruschetta (3 toppings)

- Sweet Treats (Lemon Loaf/Macaroons/Chocolate Strawberries/Muffins/Brownies)

Hand delivered to you with care in platter boxes (for you to set up) OR

Set up at your location on raised platforms and optional table decor (for a stand out spread)

The Flat Lay 

The statement brunch. A beautiful full grazing table flat lay on greaseproof paper.

Jam packed with goodness. Included is a range of brunch specials such as yoghurt and granola pots, breakfast bagels, fresh pastries, fresh fruit, sweet treats, jams and honeys.

Completely customisable, Let us know what foods you'd like, how many people it is for and leave it to us to create the perfect spread set up at your chosen location.


Bespoke Brunch
Grazing Table 

A 'wow' centrepiece to start your day.

All the elements of a flat lay brunch table but set up with our table decor and levels to create a show stopper.

Let us know what foods you'd like and leave it to us to create a beautiful brunch table.

All table decor (includes stands, boards, bowls, knives/tongs, brand advertisement etc) used on our Bespoke Grazing Tables will need to be collected within 48hrs of the event.

Disposable Cutlery, Napkins and Plates for you to keep.

Jams/Nutella/honey for you to keep.

Special Offer

For special occasions, we offer flower arrangements with our grazing tables using our local florist. All flowers are of the best quality and will keep for a long period after the table.


Collection: NP20.

Delivery available at small cost.

Brunch Boxes 

Completely customisable, packed beautifully to take away.

Choose from breakfast bagels, focaccia sandwiches, fresh plain or almond croissants, lemon and blueberry swirls, pain au chocolat, cruffins, pancakes, waffles, yoghurt and granola pots, muffins, lemon loaf slices, fresh fruit, jams/honey/nutella, macaroons.

Add drinks: Orange juice, pink lemonade, mini bottle of wine, prosecco or PRAXIS rum.

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